Point Blank

The origin of Point Blank dates back to the 1840’s when several families from the southern United States settled the area after Texas won its independence from Mexico.

The community actually got its name from Florence Dissesway, a French governess and relative of the Colonel R. J. Robinson family, who came to San Jacinto 1840’s. Miss Dissesway joined the family in the 1860’s and immediately noticed the scarcity of white families living in the area. She called the settlement “Point Blanc” (white point).

The name appealed to the community’s residents but they tend to mispronounce and misspell “Blanc” as “Blank.” When a post office opened after the turn of the century, the local spelling was used.

The city was incorporated in 1975. The U. S. 2010 census established the population within the City limits at 688.  The City is managed by a Mayor and five Aldermen.


Clyde Chandler, Mayor
P.O. Box 479
101 S. Counts RD
Point Blank, Texas 77364
Telephone: 936.377.2899


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